Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Peanut Butter and Jelly Pizza

Yesterday, I decided to get a school lunch. As I came up to the kitchen window to get my lunch a Kindergarten teacher comes to me and asks if I could try to console one of her students, we'll call him Johnny (not his real identity). He was sobbing uncontrollably because he didn't have any lunch money, so he was given a peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead of the cheese pizza he had his little 6 year old heart set on. I must admit, this young man is one of my favorite kids in the entire school (yes, sometimes teachers do have favorites, sorry to burst your bubble) he always has a cheery smile, a warm hello and a friendly high five. The only other time I'd seen this little man cry was when he forgot to return his library book and he couldn't check out another until he returned it. Anyway, I sit down next to him and ask what's going on, he immediately embraces me and cries into my chest. Yes, I'm at that level. I gently pat his back and try to get him to talk to me. He says he is so upset because he wanted pizza. Now I know it's very difficult to reason with anyone, let alone a 6 year old boy, when they aren't able to eat what they want to. So, quick on my feet, I say "Hey, Johnny, open your sandwich" I help him take apart the two pieces of bread. Then I say "Look, you have a peanut butter pizza AND a jelly pizza, everyone else only gets one pizza but you get two" I don't know that he necessarily bought it, but he did stop crying and ate his lunch.  I spoke with his teacher later in the day and she was certain he would have lunch money the next day, he had a stamp on his hand, a note in his pocket and determination on mind.

So, this morning I saw him before school, he came in to check out a book. I asked him if he remembered his lunch money today. With a smile he says, "No, I'm going to have Peanut Butter and Jelly Pizza!" Oh, how I love this kid!!!

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