Friday, September 20, 2013

The Mountain

On a beautiful, sunny day, The Mountain is easy to see. You can't help but be in awe every time you glance at it. On clear days, this is what I see as I head home after a busy and sometimes stressful day. Simply looking at The Mountain lifts my spirits and makes my heart lighter.

Today was cloudy and gray as I left school. I've had a busy week and know my weekend will be just as jammed. My mind is cramped with thoughts of our house that needs to be sold and wondering if we'll ever find a place of our own again.

I turned the corner and looked up to where I should see The Mountain. All I saw was gray skies, however, my heart still lifted. I declared, "Mountain, I know you're there! You didn't go anywhere. I just can't see you right now".

It made me think about God. Sometimes it's so easy to feel His presence and know that He's near. Other days, our circumstances or surroundings may make it difficult to "see" Him. But He's always there. He's not going anywhere. Just knowing He's close to us, makes me feel better.

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